Our Vision

To be the trusted global guide for our community in real estate investment.

Our Mission

To expand your investment and lifestyle choices.

Our Values

Trust and Respect
This is how we build a partnership

This is why we care about the choices we make

Professionalism and Honesty
This is how we achieve our success

It’s important what you choose!

At Yakut Global, we firmly believe that the choices we make in life can take us one step further to greatness. We understand that finding the right home for you is a crucial decision to take in your life, and this is where we step in and offer you our time, knowledge, and expertise in real estate.

The years of dedication and commitment from our founder Ahmed Jamal and our team have planted the first seeds for Yakut Global. The space where meaningful connections are made. By working with different partners and serving various clients from around the world, we learned that our success is derived from the respect and trust built between us to provide you with the best service.  

We are officially established in 2022; our foundation is based on the shared passion for connecting with people, helping you find a suitable investment, and providing stable and secure homes for you. 

You can find us in Türkiye, the United Arab Emirates, and Russia, with our main offices in Istanbul, Dubai, and Moscow. We aspire to grow and expand further to become your trusted guide in Real Estate Investment.

Why choose us?

We are Global 

We have been in this business for long enough to be able to operate on an international scale and be trusted by our partners. You can reach us from different parts of the world, and our highly skilled and professional team will gladly assist you in your language. 

We are experts

We come prepared because real estate is not just about selling for us. We do our research to keep up with the latest developments and latest market trends. This enables us to provide you with the best investment plan for you. 

We are innovative

We will go the extra mile to accommodate your wants and needs. We use new technological advancements to your advantage and make your experience more enjoyable.

We put you first 

We do not treat you as a regular client; you are our partner because we value your trust and respect your choices.