For a long time, the majority of foreign investors that are looking to invest in Istanbul Real Estate have always targeted the European side of the city. This preference can be explained from various perspectives that could be personal or economic. Also, it may be just the illusion that the European side is culturally different from the other parts of the city. However, recently there has been a shift in demand, and investors are looking at the other side of the city; Asian Istanbul.

In this blog, we will flip the coin and introduce you to the other face of Istanbul without forgetting to leave you with one of our favorite recommendations.

Istanbul Real Estate has been the prime target of foreign investors in recent years due to the many advantages of property investment that Turkey provides. Generally, investors have always flocked to the European side of the city; the government incentives and private investments to upgrade the European side infrastructure through mega real estate projects and establishing high-quality healthcare facilities, educational institutions, and cultural centers have contributed to attracting buyers from around the world. Besides, this side of Istanbul has always been associated with prestige and a dynamic lifestyle, and stereotypically people often associate the word “European side” with a more modern lifestyle. 

But choosing where to invest based on a stereotypical belief may differ from the wisest of decisions; analyzing your opportunities and gaining deep knowledge of your investment location is crucial. That is why you should know that Istanbul is not just the European part. 

Before the rise of the old city and around the years 5500BC and 3500BC, the first human settlements started in Istanbul, Fikirtepe, which is located on the Asian side, so it is safe to say that Turkish people have always enjoyed this part most since the old times. This side presents a different dynamic, much calmer and relaxed, which also attracts another demographic. 

The orderly urban planning of the districts on the Anatolian side serves a great advantage; it makes it a more comfortable place to navigate and settle in. Plus, this tidiness highlights the vast green spaces in various areas; Asian Istanbul is famous for its hills, like Aydos hill in Kartal, the highest point in Istanbul. 

Usually, people looking to relocate to this part of the city usually pick one of these districts: Kadikoy or Ümraniye for their proximity to the European city center, or Uskudar for its elite neighborhoods. But we want you to explore all your investment options; therefore, in the next section, we will present the Kartal district.

Kartal is a very distinguished area thanks to its location and the unique scenery it holds; located on the Marmara Sea coast, giving it the most breathtaking Princess Islands’ views, and bordered by the prestigious Maltepe and Pendik areas. 

Multiple factors make Kartal an excellent investment location; first, the nature of this upper-middle-class area is very appealing to people looking for second homes overseas. The family-oriented housing projects and the high quality of the available properties compared to their prices increases its appeal to our investors; capital appreciation is estimated to keep rising in the following years.  

Add to that, in terms of transportation; it is a fully serviced area with the established metro (M4 Kadikoy- Tavşentepe) and train (Marmaray) lines that can take you in just 30 minutes to the European side. Then you have two critical elements that bring their value to the scale, the Kartal port and Sabiha Gökcen Airport, from where you can just take off to your next destinations or enjoy summer trips to the famous islands.

The desirability of this district will increase more shortly because of the new International Financial Center that is currently being built in Ataşehir. Consequently, this project will drive more foreign investors, the working class, and families to the Asian side. The new residents would not have a hard time integrating into the area since Kartal is fully equipped for a comfortable lifestyle, with excellent healthcare providers at their service and reputable educational institutions in place to secure a bright future for the next generation.

This is all to say that Istanbul offers more than just the European side, it is worth considering what this magical city has to give and that chances for a secure investment are waiting for you at every corner. If you feel that Kartal could be the area where your future will blossom, you can check our listed properties in this area and contact our agents to assist you through your investment process. The answers to your questions are one call away.