Kadikoy is the center of attraction for many people around the world; situated on the Asian side of Istanbul and the shore of the Marmara Sea, it offers a very energetic and lively lifestyle. This blog provides a small guide to the best places to check if you are visiting the area or looking to relocate there. 

To reach Kadikoy, you can take the ferryboats from Eminönü or Karaköy or Beşiktaş ferry stations, and you will be there in just 20 minutes ride over the Bosphorus; it is an enjoyable experience where you get to soak in the beauty of Istanbul and have a moment of peace. When you get off the ferry, you will find yourself 5 minutes away from Hayderpaşa railway station, one of Turkey’s most beautiful train stations, where passengers coming from Europe by the Orient Express stop by in Istanbul and boarded the trains from this station to Baghdad, it is closed now but a must-see monument.  

If you are coming from different parts of the European side, you can always use the Söğütlüçeşme Metrobus line and hop off at the last station. You will be just 10 minutes from Bahariye street, where you can find the historic Bull Statue, which has an exciting story of how it reached Turkey.

Famous-French sculptor Isidore Bonheur made the Bull Statue in 1864. It was erected in the French territory of Alsace-Lorraine, commemorating the French victory against the Germans. Then it was moved to the German Empire capital; during the First World War (1914-1918), the German Kaiser Wilhelm II sent the Bull Statue to Ottoman general Enver Paşa as a gift. The Bull Statue made its first inter-continental journey in 1970, and it is currently one of the most popular meeting points for people meeting in Kadıköy. 

Moving on to answer your question on which places and what activities to do while staying in the city; we have selected two cultural points for you to visit; we start with the Gazhane Museum, which served as the second gas house on the Anatolian side from 1892 until 1993 and is considered one of the most critical industrial heritages of Turkey. In 2021, it opened to the public as a culture and art-oriented living space. 

Gazhane Museum

Istanbul Toy Museum was opened on 23 April 2005 by the Turkish poet Sunay Akin; the date coincides with National Sovereignty and Children’s Day. The museum holds a collection of over 7000 antique toys that portray historical and scientific facts through the language of toys to make it easier for children. It is a fun place for children and parents to visit, located in the Göztepe neighborhood of Kadıköy.

Istanbul Toy Museum

If you are looking for a place to spend near nature or to relax with your friends far from the city’s busy streets, you can always visit Moda Sahil Park, where you can practice different activities near the sea breeze and meet the youth of Kadikoy. For a more cozy and intimate environment, you can take your family to Fenerbahçe Park and enjoy your weekends.

The nightlife of Kadıköy is more laid back than Beyoğlu; just by strolling in the Caferağa neighborhood, you will notice many cultural cafés, bars, street food vendors, and antique shops. If you are looking for a more open-spaced chill bar, you can visit BINA with your friends and talk over fresh cocktails. But if you want a more fun experience, DOROCK XL always has new concerts and gigs scheduled with local and international artists, and it is a highly recommended venue.

Kadıköy is also famous for its colorful and vibrant shopping streets; Bağdat street is the first that comes to a Turk’s mind if you ask them where to cop some luxury items. Bahariye street is where you will find all your daily essentials and more: fresh vegetables and fish to fry; it is where all the local people do their grocery shopping, and it is worth exploring.

With more than 450.000 inhabitants in the district, Kadikoy is a hub for international students and workers, the energy is unmatched, and it is a great place to live with charming Marmara sea views. If you want to invest or purchase a property in this area, you can check our catalog and see the latest offers in Kadikoy.