Real Estate investors are always on the hunt for new and rising areas, and with the high demand in Istanbul for this sector, they often need help finding the right location and the property that meets their needs. But Yakut Global has got you covered; in our Investment Areas of Istanbul series, we spot the next rising real estate districts for you. 

The European side of Istanbul is always popular among our foreign investors, especially in areas like Kağithane, Basin Ekspres, Şişli, and Küçükçekmece. But most recently, the Sariyer district has witnessed a popularity increase for the advantages it provides for residents and investors. So if you are reading this and wondering what is different about this area, let us break it down in this article, starting with the prestigious location, lifestyle, and investment opportunities. 

Sariyer Map

Sariyer is located northeast of the European side; the black sea borders it from the north, the Bosphorus from the east, and the Belgrade forest at the heart of it, making it a very aesthetic natural area. It is very accessible through the two main highways of the city: E-5 and TEM. Also, it is connected to two Bosphorus bridges the Yavuz Sultan Selim bridge and the Fatih Sultan Mehmet bridge. Moreover, it is home to around 350.000 middle-class and working residents. 

The most beloved high-end neighborhoods in Sariyer, which also saw a governmental interest and drove the rise of new developments, are Maslak, Zekeriyeköy, Tarabya, Bahçeköy, and Kilyos. These neighborhoods have welcomed a new wave of business owners, celebrities, and foreign investors after the rising of new luxurious residences and the opening of international corporations. 

Furthermore, the transportation network works in favor of the residents; they can commute with the metro lines, tramways, buses, sea ferries, and taxis. The region’s infrastructure covers all the different aspects of daily life, including private and public schools and universities for all levels of education that provide access to various fields for the youth. Residents can access top-rated healthcare facilities, elite medical staff, and the latest medical technology. Furthermore, the transportation network works in favor of the people; they can commute with the metro lines, tramways, buses, sea ferries, and taxis. 

Sariyer is full of great locations for entertainment; it is full of natural parks, shopping centers, historical monuments, and a mesmerizing coastline full of resorts for the summer days. A few of the best spots you can visit are

Rumeli Fortress is an open-air museum on the coast of the Bosphorus that dates back to the Ottoman times, built-in 1452

Rumeli Fortress

Belgrade Forest, one of Istanbul’s most immense forests, is named after the Serbs who were deported from Belgrade in 1521. It has around nine parks and running and walking trails. 

Belgrade Forest

Emirgan Park is popular among residents and is a gorgeous recreational area for families.

Emirgan Park

Istinye Park Mall is a luxurious shopping mall with 280 stores and restaurants that responds to all tastes in fashion and dining.

Istinye Park Mall

Sariyer’s development has generated a rapid increase in real estate sales prices by approximately 550% in the last three years alone. All of the advantages mentioned above are significant factors in this boom in home sales; investment in this area will guarantee high return rates. 

We highly recommend investment in Sariyer, and you can check our featured properties and contact us for further information and the latest offers from our projects.