Is Kagithane worth the hype?

In recent years, Kagithane’s popularity in the Turkish real estate market has been increasing, making it one of the most sought-after areas for investment.  
Kagithane was a leading destination for the Ottomans for recreational activities in the 19th century. Then it turned into a working-class district during the 1920s. But in recent years, it developed into a real estate investment hub. So what is attracting investors to this district?

3 Reasons to invest in Kagithane

1- Strategic Location

Kagithane is situated on the European side of Istanbul, with a central location surrounded by the prestigious Maslak area in the north connecting over the TEM highway. From the south, we find Şişli, Beyoglu, and Besiktas connecting over the E5, one of the main highways of Istanbul. Kagithane connects to the Bosphorus bridges taking you to the Asian side through these two main roads. The distance between Kagithane and the districts mentioned above would be around 20 minutes, and you can walk the distance if you like to avoid traffic in those areas. 

2- Investment Advantages

The demand for real estate investments in Istanbul has skyrocketed in recent years. Therefore urban projects in centralized areas such as Şişli and Levent have increased prices compared to Kagithane, which can offer the same lifestyle and privileges at a lower price. The starting price for a square meter in Kagithane is 1500$, whereas in Şişli, for example, the starting price for a square meter is 2500$, plus Şişli is one of the most crowded areas since it is one of the business and shopping centers in Istanbul. So Kagithane can be your alternative investment area. You get to profit from high living standards for a lower price.

3- Urban Transformation

Kagithane is going under an urban regeneration phase, to provide its residence with the best quality of life, the government has been investing to transform the area. With intra-city transport networks; a rapid metro complex connects Kagithane to Taksim and Istanbul new airport, would facilitate access to different districts. Such projects have drawn real estate investments and high quality developments such as residential complexes, shopping malls and home offices projects. Kagithane is more equipped than ever to host expats, workers and students to live and flourish.

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